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Muru in english

Muru, Helsinki 

What are you expecting or hoping for when you are out for dinner? Skilled and friendly service with laid-back attitude? Warm and cozy atmosphere? Good food (better than you could make yourself?), new flavors at price you can afford? Restaurant Muru is offering all these things.

The staff at Muru took good care of us through the evening. The menu of the day was 45€ and included 4 dishes: appetizer, main course, cheese and desert. From the a la carte menu 2 dishes are 32€, cheese 8€ and desert 8€.

We had read a few reviews about the restaurant beforehand and also read the menu through. Actually our expectations weren’t that high. The menu seemed kind of odd and had lots of difficult French food terms. The restaurant had advertise itself as concentrating at simple dishes which wasn’t seem to be true on the base of the menu.

We wanted to have cider before ordering but the restaurant didn’t have any (which is very untypical in Finland). The waiter brought us cherry bear (without asking) to try out and we loved it!

The appetizer was delicious! It was brioche with scallop and flatfish accompanied with avocado and cucumber. The dish was light and had nice flavor. Pauliina had wheat beer and Mirka white wine with the food. Both were excellent choices! 
For the main Mirka choose elk ala confit with vegetables. The elk was so tender…it melted in your mouth. The side dish was small but tasty. Pauliina took the vegetarian option (outside the menu). Pauliina’s main dish was white fish (kallioantura, don’t know the word in English, sorry) with polenta and a side salad. The dish was bigger than the elk dish but tasted as good! Both dishes were simple but tasty.
Next was the cheese. The dish was just the right size for a nice treat between main course and desert. There was 2 pieces of different cheese, both soft and intense in taste. For the desert we got pistachio parfait with cherry compote. With desert we enjoyed desert wine which the waiter had recommended and it was mind blowing!!!
Everything worked at Muru. This time we didn’t even get bothered by the fact that no one brought the wine list (because they don’t have one?). And so we didn’t know what the prices were for the drinks we ordered. Muru really made an impact on us. This is a place where we definitely will come back. Muru

Service * * * * ½
Ambience * * * * * -
Food * * * * *-
Price compered to quality * * * * ½

Fredrikinkatu 41

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