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Mange Sud in english

Mange Sud, Helsinki
Mange Sud is a great discovery in Helsinki restaurant scene - thanks to EatHelsinki 2010 Book! We have visited Mange Sud more than once and have always been very pleased with the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Mange Sud is an elegant restaurant, the interior is simple but warm and the service is always great!
Actually we have always chosen the menu option because it has been the best deal and they have always had great discounts like two menus in a price of one. So also this time we took up on their offer for two eats, one pays. Most of our party of seven chose Menu Maison (42€), which included 3 dishes: Pumpkin risotto, Sea bar and Tiramisu. We took a half wine baggage (14 €) to go with the menu.
Pumpkin risotto was wonderfully creamy and soft. With a pinch of salt the taste just got better…Risotto came with white wine.
Pumpkin risotto
The tiramisu was huge! It was very good. The only little thing was that it seemed like the chef had spilled a whole bottle of alcohol to the desert. It almost seemed like we got really drunk from the dessert ;)
The service in Mange Sud is always good. When it comes busy the little mistakes increase; they forget to bring the bred, you have to wait for the water… But they are always very polite and friendly. We changed the reservation details several times and they were very flexible and understanding towards us.
Mange Sud has become one of our favorite restaurants in Helsinki. The atmosphere is great and laid back and the service is friendly. The food is always great, little bit expensive though. Mange Sud

Ambience 9+
Service 9
Food 9-
Price compered to quality 8+

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