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Juuri in english

Restaurant Juuri, Helsinki

Ambience and Service
The restaurant itself is divided in two; the main area in front of the restaurant and little back room where our table was. When you are making the reservation ask for table in the main section, it’s much cozier. The back room works well for a bigger group if you want to have some privacy. The service was ok, nothing special. The atmosphere was pleasant though.

First the waitress brought bread and carrot butter foam which were really delicious! The restaurant has wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks. They had several beers including wheat beer, cider and wines and sparkling wine to use from. We chose currant leaf sparkling wine and it was excellent!
We decided to go for sapas even though we had the EatHelsinki 2010 book because sapas are the speciality of the restaurant. Sapas means finish tapas, little dishes made of traditional finish ingredients.

We chose eight sapas a' 4.30€.
Mushroom soup and rye bread stick
Cabbage leaves filled with crayfish and cottage cheese in melted dill butter
Beetroot and nut loaf with small mushrooms
Roasted swede with cauliflower purée
Grilled serpent root with rosehip compote
Egg cheese spiced with oregano, baked on top of straws
All of the ingredients were top-of-the-line. Also the flavors were very good. Mushroom soup was little disappointing. The soup was ok but not very rich or creamy like we like it. Cabbage leaves filled with crayfish and cottage cheese in melted dill butter was amazing! As also were beetroot and nut loaf with small mushrooms and roasted swede with cauliflower purée. This is why we loooove food! For desert we chose baked ice-cream with blue berry meringue (7, 4 €), delightful! The sizes of the dishes varied a lot. Mushroom soup was regular appetizer size when the grilled serpent root with rosehip compote was just a bite.
We were pleasantly surprised with high-class, well prepared and well-seasoned food! We can sincerely recommend restaurant Juuri. The pricing was little bit high. Portions were small and we would recommend 6 sapas if you don’t eat the main course and you’ll have appetite for desert left.

Ambience *** ½
Service ****-
Food ****
Price compared to quality ****-

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