maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2011

Restaurant Busaba, London 8.7.2011

This was the second time we have been in Busaba. After a hard afternoon of shopping in a rainy weather this restaurant was a easy choice. We were well taken care during the whole meal. All the waiters were friendly and smily. Service was good, quick and polite. Just like the last time. 

Busaba serves thaifood. All the dishes tasted really good. For starters we ordered Tom Kha Kai soup and Spicy Papaya salad. For mains Pauliina ordered Aromatic Curry with Coconut Rice and Mirka Shrimp Pad thai. All the portions were big and there was more than enough to eat. Great experience once again!

Overall review: 9

Tom Kah Kai
Papaya salad

Pad Thai

Aromatic curry

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