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Restaurant Botticelli, Dublin 5.6.

We arrived Dublin at noon on Sunday. I was travelling with 3 of my friends, Mirka couldn't come this time. On Saturday we had had a really nice but also heavy party - school's out for teachers also :). This was our very first visit to Dublin, Mirka has been here many times... Although we were really tired after celebrating and travelling, we still had some energy left for shopping and walking around downtown.

In the evening we were starving and wanted to have something to eat quickly. We looked up few restaurants in Temple Bar area from  the Trip Advisor. Botticelli was one of the Italian restaurants in the area with good reviews, and it was also close to our hotel. It was only 10 minutes walk to Botticelli. Botticelli is an Italian restaurant that serves wide variety of pizzas, pastas etc. The athmosphere at Botticelli was nice.

We ordered Seafood Risotto and pizzas and also some garlic bread. We chose red wine and white wine. Risotto was very good. It was soft and tasty and very hot which I especially liked. Pizza with Parma ham, tomato sauce, cheese and rucola was good likewise Pizza with tomato, mozzarella and rucola. Garlic bread was tasty and crispy but not too greasy like it sometimes can be.

Service in Botticelli was ok. Risotto costed 14,95 €, pizza 10,95€, glass of wine was 6,50€ and garlic bread 3 €. Total cost for four was 80 €. So, Botticelli was reasonably priced, not expensive at all. Food was good and I would go there again. Botticelli

Overall experience: 8

3 Temple Bar, Dublin

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