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Delicatessen, Grünerlokka, Oslo

Everyone knows that Oslo is a very expensive city, so it isn't very easy to find a reasonable priced restaurant in Oslo. But we got lucky! This restaurant is situated in Grünerlokka which is the neighborhood to go if you visit Oslo. The 30 something hipsters hang out here. And it is a nice neighborhood, lots of bars and restaurants, vintage stores etc.

Delicatessen wants to serve quality food at reasonable price in a nice atmosphere and it has succeeded just that. The restaurant was very crowded when we arrived. First we were waiting for a table for half an hour but then it started to seem like we have to wait for an hour more. Luckily we realized to ask for seats at the bar and got them after waiting for 45 minutes. But if you come here, brace yourself for a long wait because the restaurant dosen't take reservations.

In general we found the service to be quite bad in Oslo, no helloes, no smiles, no reaction what so ever. But Delicatessen was an exception; in Norwegian standards the service was nice.

The menu was only in Norwegian as it was in all the restaurants in Oslo that we visited. We found that really odd. Well, we know some Swedish which helped and the Spanish dishes were familiar to us so it wasn’t that hard to figure out the menu.

We chose seven different dishes to share (between 2 persons) which included; prawns marinated in chili and garlic, fried artichokes, Manchego cheese (aged 12 months), potato omelet (tortilla de patatas), Chorizo, marinated olives and mussels in pica-pica sauce. We probably would have chosen a little bit different if we had been able to read to menu better. But on the other hand we were really happy with our choices. The portions were huge! It was way too much to eat for two! So I would recommend first to order five dishes and if you are still feeling hungry order more. Our definite favorite was the fried artichokes! But all the dishes were really good and tasty. The flavors were really authentic Spanish.

The whole dinner with 2 San Miguel beers each cost all together 686 NOK which is about 83 €. And that is a very good price for this kind of quality food in Norway!

Because the restaurant is so popular and it gets packed, it also gets really noisy. If you visit Oslo this is our recommendation! And one more thing: You are supposed to tip in Norway (10%). Delicatessen

Review: 9+

Opening hours (kitchen):
Sunday-Thursday 12.00-23.00, Friday-Saturday: 12.00-02.00

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