sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Al Zobeidi in english

Al Zobeidi is quite a new restaurant. It is located in Kontula, east side of Helsinki, near the metro station. The restaurant is small and cozy. The decor is simple. We were there on a Thursday afternoon, when the restaurant was almost empty, we were almost the only customers.
On weekdays the restaurant serves buffet in addition to mezes. On weekends restaurant focuses on small Meze dishes. Few of us chose to have a lunch buffet and rest of us ordered different kind of mezes. Food was great in Al Zobeidi. Heart shaped Falafels were self made and tasted excellent. Hummus was wonderful and it tasted perfect on a warm pita bread. 

Sun dried olives were a new thing for me, it's always nice to get new food experiences. Eggplant slices topped with very good green saude tasted delicious. Yogurt balls tasted strong. Mezes were served with Pita bread straight from the oven and a small plate of salad. Lunch buffet was also good. It included few warm dishes and a soup of the day.

Restaurant serves also deserts for example Baklava but we couldn't eat anything after the main courses. Al Zobeidi was very affordable. Mezes costed only about 10 euros per person and the food tasted home cooked and fresh. Staff was friendly and service was good and we liked the cozy atmosphere. We really enjoyed our visit at Al Zobeidi. 

Service                              ****
Ambience                          ****
Food                                  ****
Quality compared to price ****½

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