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Busaba, London 18.1.2012

Busaba is one of our favourite restaurants in London. It's quick, easy and the food is really good. Here is a review from our first visit: Busaba and from the second visit: Busaba.

So, we were really excited to read from Busaba's facebook page that they do cooking courses. Our flight was leaving on Sunday evening so the timetable was perfect. The course was held at Busaba Panton Street on Sunday at 10 am. The nearest tube stations are Piccadilly and Leicester.

The ingredients for curry paste

Our chefs

Chef Nick "very nice" prepairing curry paste

The ingredients for green chicken curry

Nick showing us how to make the curry

In action

The finished product ;-)

After green chicken curry we made papaya salad (Som Tam). First we made the marinade for the papaya.

The ingredients for the marinade

Papaya salad

Finally we made Pandan chicken. It is chicken pieces wrapped in pandan leaf. After that the wraps are deep-fried. But first you marinade the chicken pieces.

The ingredients for the chicken marinade

Looking absolutely fabulous ;-)

Delicious lunch
Our chef Nick made us his own special; fish made in vacuum. So moist and tasty!

We had so much fun at Busaba! We can recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn to cook Thai food! Everything tasted just perfect. Especially the green curry paste was really really good! Fortunately we got a little jar of the curry paste to take home with us. You can find the recipes for pandan chicken and green chicken curry from Busaba's web page: Recipes. 

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  1. wow I've been there several times and I was not even aware they also have courses! Nice, I really enjoy their food and best of all, no need to book it :)

  2. I think they just started the courses last fall. So it's a new thing :-) And great fun!