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Mosob, London 17.1.2012

On Saturday after lunch at Wahaca we went to see a Matinee theatre called The woman in black. In the evening we had dinner reservation at Mosob. We also met a friend from London there who happens to live close to the restaurant. Mosob is an Eritrean restaurant little further away from the city but definitely worth to visit.

The staff was really friendly and they made us feel at home. Their shared a little bit of the philosophy of the restaurant and told us about their culture and customs. It made the dinner feel more like an experience rather than just a dinner.

First we wanted to try Sambosas. A very nice start to the dinner.

Vegetarian Sambosas
Because we had had a huge lunch at Wahaca we weren't that hungry. We decided to take a dish that included different dishes from the menu. We can't remember the name of it. Anyway, it was ment for two persons. We were three but there was more than enought to eat.

Dips to go with the rolls and felafel
The dish started with Spinach and Timtimo rolls. There were also some felafel and dips. Everything was delicious!

The main course contained different kind of Eritrean dishes including lamb, chicken and vegetables as well as chickbeans, lentils and okra. You eat with the crepes. There are no spoons of forks. The restaurant has a guide on their web pages how to eat the food with the crepes. Here's the link: Eating with Injera .

The food was good. The lamb was really spicy but the other dishes were quite mild. A nice combinaton of flavours.

We finished the dinner with Eritrean tea. It came to the table in this beautiful teakettle.  

Mosob is a family run restaurant and they really put their heart into the place. And it shows! Thank you for a lovely evening! We can sincerely recommend this restaurant!
And by the way, Mosob is a very affordable restaurant, the dish for two persons was only 30 £.

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