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Zayna, London 16.1.2012

One of our favourite ethnic food is Indian food. This restaurant had got a lot of good reviews on web so we decided to try it. At the restaurant we realized that actually Zayna is Pakistani and North Indian cuisine. We had booked a table in advance for Friday evening at half past seven. We were going to a comedy club afterwards.

Mirka pointing at Michelin recommedation
The food was really good. They ground their own spices and all meat is halal. The service on the other hand was a little bit cold but everything worked immaculately.

Mango salad, excellent!
The starters were delicious! Especially the Mango salad was outstanding. We recommend to try this! Pakoras, which are Potato, aubergine & coriander mixed together in freshly prepared flour batter made from ground mung & masoor lentils, were also very interesting and a nice experience. 

For main Pauliina chose two half portions of vegetarian dish: Aubergine cooked with tomato, onion & garlic topped with fresh coriander and Cubes of paneer cooked in creamy tomato sauce garnished with fresh coriander. Both were excellent although I prefered aubergine more. Mirka's choice was Malai Boti which was chicken marinated with cream, cardemom and black pepper. The dish was good but nothing special.

Malai Boti

Naan bread
Food was exquisite and athmosphere was nice. Service could have been better but despite that we can recommend Zayna. The price range is a little bit high compared to other similar restaurants. The dishes were huge and we were totally full after dinner ;). 

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