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Nopi, London 16.1.2012

A Finnish travel magazine called Mondo had ranked this restaurant as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London in their last edition. Actually Nopi isn't a vegetarian restaurant but they have an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has also been noted in many blogs.  

Cool details

The restaurant is one of the hottest places in London right now. It's owned by celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi. If you want to dine here be sure to book a table several weeks beforehand especially for dinner on weekends. For luch it is easier to get a table but a reservation is a wise move.

Roasted aubergine, spiced yoghurt, dukkah, coriander

Golden and red beet, quince, caramelised macadamians

All dishes are ment to be shared. The food has influences from Asia and Middle East. The portions are small so a good amount is 3 to 4 dishes per eater depending how hungry you are.

Presa iberica carpaccio, manouri, pine nuts

Burrata, blood orange, coriander seeds

Five spice tofu, tomato and cardamom passata, braised aubergine

Caulifloweer, manouri, chilli fritters, lime yoghurt

The service was outstanding and the atmosphere was relaxed but sophisticated.

Be sure to visit the bathroom downstairs!!!

The food was excellent!!! and expensive. Three tapas portions and one drink cost about 40 € each. 

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