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Wahaca, London 17.1.2012

Mexican beer
Wahaca is a trendy restaurant serving food inspired by Mexican street market. It is run by Britain's Master Chef winner from year 2005 called Thomasina Miers. We went to Wahaca after a few hours shopping in Covent Garden and we were starving.

The restaurant doesn't take reservations. Luckily we didn't have to wait long to get a table, just ten minutes or so. The restaurant was lively but not too noisy to have a conversation. The decor was colourful and refreshing and we really enjoyed of Wahaca's happy atmosphere. 

The menu at Wahaca was interesting and broad. In Helsinki there are only one or two restaurants serving real Mexican food. That's why we were really enthusiastic about eating at Wahaca. We ordered many different dishes and almost everything we ate tasted really good. 
Pork tacos
The pork tacos were divine! They simple melted in your mouth. Definitely the best dish we tried! You shouldn't miss it!

We tried out both chorico and chicken quesadillas, both were ok. Pauliina took a Sopa Tarasca which is made of black beans. Sopa Tarasca was very soft and tasted good. After eating it I was so full!

Sopa Tarasca
Mirka took the black bean tostadas. They tasted fresh and light. Yummy!

The sweet potato side sounded delicious and it truly was. Got to try! The smoky caramelised mojo gave the sweet potatos a nice twist.

Sweet potatos
Staff was friendly and made us feel welcomed. Our waiter was super helpful and kind. Overall service was good and quite quick although they seemed to be very busy. The only complaint was we never got Guacamole with nachos which we ordered first. I would have wanted to taste it. 

Wahaca is a really cheap restaurant! Tacos, tostadas and quesadillas were little bit under 4£ each. Sweet potato side was under 3£. Even the soup was only 5.75£. Amazing! We really loved the place and it didn't hurt that it was so cheap! Wahaca is really worth a visit :). 

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  1. Hyvältä näyttää - mutta laittaisitteko vielä koordinaatit kyseiseen paikkaan? :) Missä tämä mesta sijaitsee?

  2. Jutun ensimmäisestä sanasta (Wahaca) pääset Wahacan nettisivuille, josta löytyy ravintoloiden osoitteet. Ravintoloita on useita, me vierailimme:

    Covent Garden
    66 Chandos Place,
    Covent Garden,
    London WC2N 4HG
    T: +44 (0) 207 240 1883