torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Inamo, London 15.1.2012


We went to London once again last weekend to shop and to enjoy good food. We had chosen an ethnic theme for our restaurants. On Thursday night we went to a place called Inamo. The restaurant is quite popular. You should reserve a table weeks beforehand especially for Friday and Saturday nights.

Black bean tuna

We found the place from Squaremeal under best for quirky restaurants in London. If you are heading to London and want to find a good restaurant this site is a good way to get started!

Tender pork ribs, excellent!

Inamo is a fusion oriental restaurant. There are no waiters to take your order. Menus are beamed on to tabletops & orders placed via a personal touch-pad. Staff simply deliver the plates. Fun and weird!

The food was delicious and quite inexpensive. If you are looking for something little bit different this is the place to go. The only downside was that it was quite loud. But it is a great place to gather friends around and have a fun evening!


Seafood curry

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