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Road Trip part IV: Otranto, Apulia, Italy 20.7.2011

From Lecce we continued our road trip to Otranto. Otranto was a really cute little village. There were a lot of different handicraft shops all over the old city. 

There was a Dali exhibition in the castle of Otranto. As huge Dali fans we decided to visit it.

On the first night in Otranto we had dinner in Il Cantico dei Cantici. For appetizer Pauliina chose tuna carpaccio and Mirka had mussels. Both dishes were ok. For mains we both decided to take scampi risotto.

It was tasty but still missing something. What could that be? Hmmm…parmesan cheese. Well, you are never too old to learn new things…It is against the rules to add parmesan to fish or sea food dishes in Italy. After an educative speech from the waiter we still got the cheese and the dish tasted amazing after that! 

After the dinner we felt like having coffee. We ordered cappuccino but that’s the second rule we broke. You can’t drink cappuccino after dinner… Even though Italians don’t obey any rules when they are driving they have very strict rules about food. So, we didn’t get any coffee and had to drink some more red wine ;-)

The second night in Otranto we had dinner in Vico Lopez. Vico Lopez has an amazing terrace under lemon and orange trees. We started our dinner with seafood platter which included octopus, tuna, different kind of fish, mussels etc. Unfortunately it was so dark we couldn't get any good pictures. 

Surprise surprise…. For mains we ordered what else than Scampi risotto and this was the best of them all.

After two amazing dishes there weren’t other option than to taste dessert. And they didn’t let us down. We can really recommend this restaurant for all fish and seafood lovers!

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