perjantai 12. elokuuta 2011

The last stop, Bari, Italy 22.7.2011.

We spent our last evening in Italy in Bari which is a capital of Apulia. We only had few hours to spend there. Compared to the little villages we had visited before Bari was a real city with proper opening hours and big stores.

We had booked a room from this amazing hotel called Villa Romanazzi. It had a huge garden which was really beautiful and romantic. The hotel was very international. The staff was polite and friendly. The breakfast was good and versatile. There was a chef cooking omelettes, french toast and pancakes.

In the evening we went to the historical centre to have dinner. The old town was quite small but vibrant. Our Italian friend had recommended us a restaurant called Manfredi. It's located in the old town. The Street where the restaurant was located was very beautiful and full of restaurants and bars.

Pauliina chose stuffed aubergines and bruschetta for appetizer and Mirka's choice was Caprese salad. Especially the aubergines were really tasty. For main courses we took pasta because we had had too many risottos already. Pauliina took tomato pasta and Mirka ate fresh linguine pasta with mussels and clams. Desert was wonderful as you can see.

After the dinner we walked around the old town and enjoyed the atmosphere of the city. By accident we found our way to an amazing exhibition at an old church. What a wonderful ending to a adventurous road trip in Italy. Special thank's to our Italian guide! We can sincerely recommend this region of Italy to all of you who are planning a trip to Italy.

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