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Road trip to Italy part III: Lecce 18.7.2011

 On a hot Monday morning cool Hilton was waiting us in Lecce. The drive to Lecce went fast listening to Italian pop music. This time we didn't dare to confront TomTom. 

Hilton was everything we wanted; nice pool, great breakfast, friendly helpful staff and really nice room. 

Our Italian friend invited us to a sail trip which was a real relief because it was burning hot. We went to Gallipoli by car and got to experience a real Italian way of driving ;). There are no such things as speed limits, rules to wear seat belts and it's almost obligatory to drink and drive. 

We spent the whole day on the sail boat. We got to experience a real Italian way of enjoying hot Summer day. There is definitely something we Finnish can learn about taking it easy from Italians. 

The rescue of our life boat

L'Italiano - Olen suomalainen
Buongiorno Italia che non si spaventa
Con la crema da barba da menta
Con un vestito gessato sul blu
E la moviola la domenica in TV
Buongiorno Italia col caffe' ristretto
Le calze nuove nel primo cassetto
Con la bandiera in tintoria
E una 600 giù di carrozzeria

Hello Italia, joka ei pelkää
Kanssa partavaahtoa Rahapaja
Sinisellä liituraitapuku on
Ja uusintoja televisiossa sunnuntaina
Huomenta kahvia Italia "rajoitettuun
Uusi sukat yläluokka
Kun lippu pesulat
Ja kehon 600 alas

.....this is how it is in the Google-world ;)...

The following day we spent in Lecce. After a relaxing day at the pool we went to dinner to Trattoria Nonna Tetti which is situated in the heart of the historical centre of Lecce. 

a wonderful read wine

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by at this really popular ice cream bar and enjoyed some gelato. 

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