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Restaurant Johans, Porvoo 5.8.2011

Porvoo is a nice town to visit, especially in the summer time. It's located only 50 km from Helsinki. The old town of Porvoo is beautiful and full of history. After a few hours wandering around Porvoo we needed to have something to eat. 

Restaurant Johans is situated in the neighborhood where Finland's national poet J.L. Runeberg and his family used to live. The restaurant lies on the idyllic Porvoo riverbed. More than a century old, this courtyard has hardly been affected by time's passing. 

Johans is a summer restaurant and it will stay open as long into September as weather permits. The location and ambience of restaurant Johans was fantastic. The sun was shining and all the tables were full. Luckily I had made a reservation a few days before. 

From the menu we chose the selection of snacks. The selection was really good, although the portions were really small. The presentation of th selection was fantastic and the food looked delicious

The Prawn skagen was good, but could have been better. The toasted archipelago bread was tasty. Johans warm smoked salmon with tartar sauce and grav whitefish with lemon sauce were both good. 

New potato-radish salad with mustard dressing was only average, it tasted ok but there was nothing special about it. My favourite one was spring cabbage roll and herb sauce. It tasted really delicious!

I also liked the roasted beetroots which were served with yougurt raita. The pulled beef was very tender but it was lacking flavours. The horseradish sauce wich came with the beef was really mild. We also wanted to taste Mini carpaccio with rucola and truffel oil. Nowadays carpaccio might be one of my favourite starters. Beef carpaccio was good on the first bite, but was powered by the olive oil and was chewy in sections. 

Service was good in Johans. There were a lot of staff working and everybody were friendly and happy. 

Value for money
The selection of snacks costs 4,30 € each. Overall the food was good but had the potential to be even better. The ingredients were fresh and very traditional and the dishes were interesting - not boring at all!  I can truly recommend Johans! Especially if you are visiting Porvoo Johans is worth to visit and a perfect place to enjoy good food in a special and beautiful location. Johans 

Ambience: 10
Food: 8,5
Service: 8,5
Value for money: 8,5

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