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Restaurant Gallagher's Boxty House 8.6.2011

If you're in Dublin and want to explore traditional Irish food with great service in a lovely athmosphere, Gallahergh's Boxty House could be your choice. Restaurant is located right in the heart of the Temple Bar Area. You can find both unique and traditional Irish courses on the menu. We noticed this restaurant on Tuesday evening when we were walking in the Temple Bar area. We stopped by and made a reservation for the next evening. We had a lovely dinner at Gallagher's Boxty House and actually ended up going there again on Thursday. 

The Restaurant was full when we got there at 8 pm on Wednesday and eventhough we had a reservation we had to wait for a table for a while. On the next evening we came so late that there weren't that much people anymore. We got a table immediately without reservation and in the end of our dinner we were the last customers - drinking Irish coffee.. 

Ambience was cozy and friendly, a little bit buzzy, at least in upstairs. Service was great. The service was very professional.

Because we were here twice we tried out quite many dishes. From the Starters we tasted Smoked Irish Salmon with Connemara Irish Single Malta Whiskey Dressing. Salmon was served with Red Onion Salad and Soda Bread. It was beautiful, tasty and fresh and there were lots of salmon. 

Smoked Salmon
We also tried Boxty Potato Dumplings. We chose the version Lightly Seared Cherry Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach with Basil. We ordered a starter portion which was enough for four. 

Potato Dumplings
Another interesting experience was Boxty Pancake which is a traditional Irish potato Pancake cooked on a griddle. You can choose from several options for filling. We tasted Chicken and Gaelic boxty. Both were nice experiences. 

Boxty Pancake with Salad
For main courses we also had Fish and Chips (which is deep fried fillet of fish served with hand-cut Chips, mushy peas and tartare Sauce), Salad with Salmon, Salad with Chicken, Beef Burger and Roast Shoulder of Irish Lamb. Lamb was tender and it was served with wonderful vegetable mash. The Hamburger was huge. The beef was a little bit tasteless.

Fish and Chips

Chicken Salad
For the Desserts we chose Chocolate cake and Bailey's cheese cake. Chocolate cake was rich of chocolate, soft and really sweet. Cheesecake was served with Berry compote. Both desserts were excellent but I'd prefer the Cheesecake - perhaps because of the Bailey's ;).

Chocolate cake
The food arrived promptly, was well made and nicely presented. Drinks were reasonably priced. In both evenings we drank a very good red wine, a bottle costed 19 € and one wasn't enough for us - the wine was so good.

The Staff was friendly. Everything worked and we had a lovely dinner twice.  For us, who wanted to taste local dishes, this was really nice experience. Definitely worth a visit! Gallagher's Boxty House

Irish Coffee

Overall experience: 9+

20-21 Temple Bar, Dublin

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  1. Coma oli kyllä harmillinen pettymys, odotukset olivat kovalla, kun ystäväkin oli suositellut paikkaa. Mutta tuolla taisi olla ihan kunnon Irish coffee :)

  2. Coma on ehkä hiukan sellainen paikka, että ruoka ei aina ole ihan tasalaatuista, riippuu kokin fiiliksestä ;-)