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Hotel Telegraaf - piece of luxury in the heart of the old town of Tallinn

Tallinn is one of our favourite weekend destinations. It's easy to reach, still fearly affordable and has an interesting restaurant scene that is changing constantly. Even though we both visit Tallinn more than once a year there are always new places to check out or old ones that we haven't had time to visit. 

We always plan a head. This time we really wanted to relax and have a little bit of luxury. We wanted to visit a hotel that would have something extra to offer and would feel special. One of our favourite hotels is the Swisshotel but because we have been there already we wanted to find something new. Hotel Telegraaf seemed like a perfect choice for the things we were looking for the weekend.

Hotel Telegraaf is situated in the heart of the Tallinn old town on street called Vene (Boat). Elegant hotel in a very nice neighborhood. You can walk everywhere from here. When you are looking for luxury the little things matter. The feeling of joy when the hotel piccolo carries your luggage to your room :)

The atmosphere in the hotel is very laid back but dignified. The staff were really attentive and polite. They made you feel welcome. 

The lobby area was cosy. They have a cute little bar there and nice elegant sofas. A really nice place to have an aperitive or nightcap.

We had an executive twin room that was a good size (27 square feet). The room had warm colours and was decorated with style. I especially liked the cute little reading corner with the stylish armchair. 

There were fresh fruits waiting for us in the room. These kind of little things...

The beds were really comfortable and there was a selection of pillows to choose from. The blankets on the bed were made of alpaca wool. By the way the room were really quiet. Didn't hear anything outside the room which I really appreciate being the light sleeper I am.  

In the bathroom there was a bath tub which we didn't have time to use. It was also a very nice touch to find high end products like Elemis in the bathroom. The products are also used in Telegraaf spa. Of course there are also slippers and robes to use. 

The hotel has a little spa area where you can find a small cute swimming pool and a hot tub. There is also two saunas; regular and steam room. Around the pool are spa chairs to relax on. We hang out here several times during our stay. Had a lovely morning sauna and a nice dip in the pool.
A great way to start your day!

The hotel has a very sophisticated restaurant that has been ranked one of the best restaurants in Tallinn for many years. There was live classical music every night. We didn't have dinner there because we had other plans and were looking more casual and modern dinner place. But I could imagine this restaurant would be a perfect spot for special occasion like wedding anniversary or something like that. 

The breakfast was honestly one of the best we have had. We both are coffee lovers so we can really appreciate that you can order special coffees at the breakfast. Nothing starts the day better than a good cup of latte.

Well, some Mimosa never hurts either ;).

One of the small luxury things at the breakfast was the fact that you could order different special things from the menu. We had really been waiting for Eggs Benedict and the dish didn't let us down, delicious! 

The pancake dish was also beautiful. 

The highlight of the breakfast was the soft and creamy porridge. The taste was like piece of heaven. 

All the different options at the breakfast were fresh, good quality and elegantly displayed. There was a good selection of salads, cold cuts, cheese, bread, yoghurt, sausages, baked tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon...basically everything you can hope for at breakfast. 

Tomato Mozzarella salad

Chicken salad

Fresh fruits

Cold cuts and cheese


Danish and bread rolls

Different jams, nutella and honey

Fresh bread

Thank you Hotel Telegraaf! We had a great weekend in Tallinn and found the oasis for relaxation in hotel Telegraaf!

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