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Kohvik Moon in English 29.10.2011

This restaurant is located near the harbor so it's a very convinient place to have for example lunch when you are coming from/going to the boat. But it's definately worth the walk or taxi drive to have dinner too!

I can't help wondering why we don't have places like this in Helsinki. The restaurant was modern but at the same time it was really unique. They had little twist here and there in the decor which made the difference.

Our waiter was out of this world. He was spot on with every question. His attendance was unbelivable. The best service ever! Like he had read our minds

Kohvik moon's tasty bread, especially the small brown bread muffins!

The prices were astonishly low. It took us by surprise because in the city center the prices are only a little bit cheaper than in Finland. First we enjoyed Processo and continued with red wine and Mirka had some white wine with the main dish (fish).

We started our lunch by sharing Orsotto with roasted beetroot and tender goat cheese (7€) and Handmade Siberian dumplings in mushroom stock (7€) and they both were really delicious.

Orsotto; the goat cheese beet root combo is unbeatable.

Siperian dumplings

Then we continued to the main cources. Pauliina chose  Duck breast with oven baked vegetables and honey-lemon sauce (10€) and Mirka took Pike perch with oven roasted beetroots, egg, horse radish and tartar sauce (14€).

Perfect pike


We enjoyed both dishes even though Pauliina tought that the duck could have been a little bit more tender. The dishes were well seasoned and beautifully presented.

The starters and the mains were so good that we could not resist the deserts. Mirka chose creme brulee and Pauliina traditional cooked almond-cheesecake with blueberry and chokeberry „kissel“ sauce. The creme brulee was wonderfully light and creme at the same time.

Overall experience 10 (scale 4-10)

We sincerely recommend this restaurant to everyone who enjoy great atmosphere, delicious food and affordable prices! Remember to reserve a table in advance!


Address: Võrgu 3, Tallinn 10415
Ph: + 372 6 314 575
Tue - Sat 12 - 23
Su 13 - 21
Mo - Closed
EVERY JULY - MOON is closed for holiday!

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