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Restaurant Elephant & Castle 6.6.2011, Dublin

Once again we found ourselves in the Temple Bar area. The Dublin Elephant & Castle was opened in 1989.The restaurant focuses on New York style dishes like burgers and salads. Elephant & Castle was packed on Monday evening when we got there at 19:15. We had booked a table but arrived a little bit late because we had been shopping shopping shopping..... In spite of the reservation we had to wait for the table for a while - restaurant seemed to be very popular.

The Ambience in Elephant & Castle was lively and relaxed. The restaurant was full throughout the evening. We didn't pay much attention to the decor but it was cozy and simple.

There were lots of options in the menu: Appetizers, Warm Dishes, Soups, Omelettes and Homemade Burgers. We chose Caesar salad with chicken, Salad with goat cheese and chicken and Grilled shrimps with Ginger-Lime dressing, Spinach and Cous-Cous and couple of portions French fries. For drinks we chose white wine and beer.  Restaurant's most popular dish seemed to be Spicy Chicken Wings - we didn't try that one. 

Grilled Prawns
Food came quickly and all dishes looked beautiful. The Caesar salad dressing was excellent. One of the best I've ever tasted. Chicken was well made. Both salads tasted fresh. Grilled shrimps with Ginger-Lime dressing, Spinach and Cous-Cous was a very beautiful dish. Shrimps were tasty and especially the dressing was excellent. Couscous was a little bit too dry. There could have been a little bit more sauce in the dish. 

Caesar Salad
Chicken Salad
We had a nice dinner at Elephant Castle. Dishes were huge so there wasn't room for any desserts. Salads costed about 14 € and Prawns 17 €. Australian beer was 4,25 € and water was free. Elephant Castle was affordable restaurant and a nice place to have dinner. Elephant&Castle

Overall experience: 8,5

18 Temple Bar, Dublin

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