torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

Schwarze Pumpe, Berlin 21.5.2011

Breakfast in Berlin

This experience was one of the highlights in Berlin. Sadly we can't write about all the experiences from Berlin because they weren't that good. But Schwarze Pumpe was!

The weather was amazing in Berlin and that's why we decided to sit outside. The tables outside have self service. The waitress came out to took our orders probably because we were there early and were the first customers.

They serve brunch only on Sundays and it costs 4.50 €. On other mornings they serve breakfast which is the same price. The breakfast menu was wide. They had for example lots of different juices. Pauliina chose Cheese breakfast (4.50) and Mirka chose Vegetarian breakfast (5 €). The portions were huge. Pauliina also ordered some joghurt and mysli. Mirka chose pineapple juice (1.50 €). We both drank cappucino. All together the check was about 17 €.

The quality of the ingredients was good and especially the fruits were very fresh. Bread was warm and cappucinos were good. The vegetarian breakfast included different kind of cheese like feta, blue cheese, brie and pesto, boiled egg, salad, olives and fresh fruits. The cheese breakfast didn't include pesto, egg or olives but had more of variety of cheese. Pesto was incredibly good. Breakfast was a perfect start to a wonderful day!

Overall experience: 9+


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