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Restaurant Luomo in english

Luomo, Helsinki

Luomo is one of the Michelin-star restaurants in Helsinki. Luomo opened in 2009 and got its first Michelin-star quickly. The restaurant is located near center of Helsinki in city district Kruununhaka. It is quite a small place, with seatings to 30 people. Ambience in Luomo was relaxed and easy going.

The menu is very short, mysterious and funny. We chose five course menu and took recommended wines as a half version. Before the actual dishes we received a few greetings from the kitchen. One of them that we liked the most was a salmon dish served with apple sauce.

For the starters we got three different dishes: "Cassis with cheddar", "Lobster & rose" and "Foie gras miso". Cassis with cheddar was our favourite one. We also liked "Lobster & rose", which was very beautiful. "Foie gras miso" wasn't that amazing. We found it too complicated and it had too many flavours. We didn't really catch the main idea of that dish. 

Juhana chose "Cheek & beets" and Pauliinas choice was "Porridge of forest mushroom" for main course. Our favourite one of the mains was Pauliinas choice. Risotto was perfetto! It was soft and tasty (didn't need any salt) and with lots of forest mushrooms. "Cheek & beets" included veal cheeks, beetroot and smetana. The dish was nice but nothing special. With each dish we got different kind of bread (focaccia etc.) with butter. The selection of breads was wide and they tasted really good. 

Deserts were wonderful. "Snickers" was very very sweet and rich of chocolate, basically snickers bar exploded on the plate. Another desert sounded very odd or what do you think about having "Eggplant with curry" as a desert? It was absolutely the weirdest desert, which we have ever eaten. Surprisingly in spite of the weird mixture of the ingredients the dish tasted really good and sweet. It would have been mission impossible to guess the ingredients. 

After the dinner we got coffee. The kitchen brought the final sweet greeting with the coffee. Service in Luomo was excellent. Everything worked and we loved our waiter who was very polite and professional. During the evening we got lot of information about the food and wines. If you enjoy good, well made food with wonderful wines, the restaurant Luomo is the right place for you. Luomo

Service **** ½ 
Ambience ****+
Food ****+
Quality compared to price ****+

Vironkatu 8, Helsinki

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