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What is the diffrerence between 2 -star and 3 -star Michelin restaurants?

This question has been puzzling our minds for a long time. After having the out of this world experience in Chez Dominuque last year we have been wanting to test out a 3 -star restaurant to see if the food can be even more outstanding.

New York has five 3 -star restaurants to choose from. It took us a while to decide but we ended up with Eleven Madison Park. They have a great lunch offer four dishes for 74 $.

There is really no point to review all the dishes while they all were amazing. The lunch started with four Amuse Bouche -greetings from the kitchen.

We chose duck liver for first dish and it was the best ever!

The second dish was lobster.

The third dish was meat and it was the weakest of all dishes.

After that we got two more Amuse Bouche.

For desert we had chosen milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

The lunch ended up with the same kind of cookie it started but as sweet version of it.

So was there a difference? The food in both restaurant was impeccable. The service was great in both places but different. In Eleven Madison Park the staff was really friendly, saying things like we are so happy to meet you and giving us compliments how we look and dress. In Chez Dominuque the staff was more reserved and distant. This could be a cultural difference too and I'm almost sure it is.

The portions were more complicated in Chez Dominique, in Eleven Madison Park the dishes were simpler. The Eleven Madison Park was a really exquisite restaurant, Chez Dominuque's interior is modern and simple.

So the case remains unsolved. Both restaurants are top notch but different. The food in both places was first-class.The Elevan Madison Park is much bigger than Chez Dominique and website is much more informative. But still I can't make up my mind. Elevenmadisonpark

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