tiistai 8. toukokuuta 2012

New York vol. 2

On Monday after whole day of shopping at Woodbury Common Outlet village we wanted to check out restaurant called Les Halles. Les Halles is famous for being Anthony Bourdain's home base.

Les Halles serves simple French cuisine. The vibe in there is cozy and unpretentious. Les Halles is a typical French brasserie.

The food at Les Halles is simple and has strong flavours.

          House made mushroom ravioli with goat cheese sabayon 11$

Mussels in white wine, shallot and garlic 9 $

 I had only a half portion of Mussels which is enough if you aren't starving. The scallops were huge and delicious.

Pan seared scallops with champagne cream sauce 24.50 $

Les Halles had a great offer on Monday; all wines half price!

Les Halles was a nice place, nothing special but still worth visiting. http://leshalles.net/brasserie/

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  1. Les Hallesista on hauskat muistot. Tarjoilijamme oli Tim, Bourdainin luottotarjoilija. Illallisen päätteeksi hän antoi meille vinkkejä 3. Avenuen baareista... loppuilta olikin aika sumuista, kun Tim oli myynyt meille jo uima-altaan kokoiset martinit, pullon viiniä ja avecit kahvin kanssa...