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Restaurant Paven, Suvisaaristo, Espoo. 5.8.2011.

Restaurant Paven is located on an Island called Pentala. Pentala is a part of the archipelago of Suvisaaristo. I heard about this restaurant from my brother and found out that it is open only during summer time. There is a boat which runs to the island a few times in the evenings. The boat trip costs 10 € per person. You can also come to Paven by your own boat.

The location of the restaurant is great! The Building is almost one hundred years old. A perfect setting to look at the sun going down over the bay. The view from the terrace was amazing and relaxing and the ambience was peaceful and beautiful.

You can have two courses (29 €) or three courses (36 €) meal at the Paven. There are few options where to choose from. 

Salmon tartar starter was simply sensational! The presentation was perfect, a really beautiful dish. The taste was a perfect mix of seasoning, salmon and sauce. "The dish was as close to perfect as I have ever tasted" was the comment of the one who ate it. 

Salmon tartar
The fish of the day was whitefish. The whitefish was a good size fillet, a large portion. It was cooked to perfection. It was moist and the skin was crispy. The vegetables were a great mix with potatoes, fennel, spinach and cauliflower. Maybe they could have swapped the cauliflower for something like broccolini to add more colour to the dish. The skin of the fish was also a little rich, this could be from the sauce. After all, this was a very good dish. 
The whitefish
There were two options for desserts. I prefered Almond Blueberry cake with vanilla sauce. The cake was a really good ending for the dinner! I liked it a lot. 

The service was good in Paven. The Staff was friendly and nice and everything worked well. 

Value for Money
The food was good. Actually it was really good. The Starter, Salmon tartar, was a perfect dish and the other dishes were very good also. The location of the restaurant is really beautiful too. I can truly recommend this restaurant! Hopefully they will be there next summer too! Paven

Ambience 9,5
Service 9
Food 9,5
Value for Money 9,5

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