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Ostuni, Italy

We arrived in Italy on Saturday afternoon. We drove from the Bari Airport to Ostuni which is called the White City and situated about 50 km south from Bari. Ostuni's Old town is built on top of the hill. The old town is a fortress surrounded by walls. There's a great view to the sea. Ostuni has 30 000 inhabitants and it seemed like we were the only North European tourists there. In the old town there were lots of different kind of delicatessen which sold olive oil, different kind of pastas, pastes and Tarallinis.

In the evening we walked to the old town  of Ostuni. The centre was so beautiful and full of happy people. 

We wandered there a few hours before we had dinner. We enjoyed walking the little alleys and admiring the beautiful white houses and flower arrangements. Suddenly we heard some nice music and found this amazing bar called Riccardo Cafe. It was Mojito time!  

Then we were lost in Ostuni - and a little bit drunk too. Fortunally Ostuni is a small village and we got on track soon. We found by accident this really nice restaurant called San Pietro. 

After the bread basket the waiter brought us some Bruschettas.

For Starters we shared gratinated Mussels. This dish is a very traditional in Apulia area. The dish was quite heavy and the portion was huge which suited us well because we were really hungry. We were pleased with the dish.    
For main course we both wanted to have a Risotto. From the menu we chose Scampi Lemon Risotto. The Lemon in the Risotto worked very well and actually was a new experience for us both. The Risotto was fresh and light and tasted good. 

We had already eaten quite a lot but we still wanted to eat some more ;). The Waiter recommended us a traditional Apulia's dessert and we decided to share it. Perhaps we looked hungry because we got two pieces of this wonderful rice chocolate cake....

We drank this wonderful white wine recommended by the waiter. 

The restaurant was quite fancy. They had white table clothes and nice silver but the atmosphere wasn't stiff at all. It was a very affordable restaurant. Service was polite and friendly. We can truly recommend this restaurant. San Pietro

Overall Review: 9

Via Gaspare Petrarolo, 24 Ostuni

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