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Restaurant Waterway, London 8.7.2011.

On Friday evening we were invited to dinner by a guy who happened to be at the right place at the right time a few weeks ago. Our special guest reviewer had chosen the restaurant, we didn't have to do anything else than find our way to a right tube station. We managed to do that and we were there on time ;). 

The restaurant was a short walk away from the Tube station. The Waterway is in a great location in Maida Vale, situated on Grand Union canal, a very pretty setting. A beautiful place to spend a summer evening. 
Bread was good, again!
For Starters Pauliina chose the Watermelon and Feta salad. Salad was very well presented and the taste was perfect. It was served with orange and basiI dressing which were delicious. I couldn't find anything to criticize. It was a perfect dish! Mirka chose Selection of Spanish charcuterie. It didn't have much to do with prepairing food but tasted good.

Watermelon and Feta Salad
Selection of Spanish charcuterie
Our special guest's starter was Chargrilled squid and here comes his review:  I chose the chargrilled squid with chilli and parsley, lime mayonnaise and mixed leaf salad. This was highly recommended so there was high expectations. Especially as I am a big seafood lover. The starter was very well presented, although the mixed leaf salad covered over some of the calamari pieces. The flavour was good, not great, I think the chilli could have been a little stronger. It was missing a bit of kick. The squid was also not as tender as it should have been. I think it may have been rested too long to be served with the other

Chargrilled squid

For Main course girls chose Confit tomato and baby mozarella risotto with basil crisps. The taste of risotto was very good and there were lots of Mozzarella. But it was a little bit overdone. 

Our guest's main was the pan fried sea bass, panzanella salad, baby
herbs and spicy pepper dressing: Again presentation was immaculate.

The seabass was served in a succulent stack. Moist and tasty the only

criticism was the thinness of the fillets and the skin could have been
more crispy. Otherwise a lovely dish.
Pan fried Sea bass
We had eaten very huge lunch and after a two-course meal at the dinner we weren't able to eat any dessert. But there's always room for Mojitos. 

Service in the Waterway was good. Nothing special but everything worked.

Value for money
Starters cost from five pounds to 10 £ and mains from 12 £ to 18.50 £. The Waterway is quite affordable. We liked the food and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. 

girls just wanna have fun!

Ambience 9-
Food  8,5
Service 8
Value for money 8,5

The Waterway
54 Formosa Street
London, W9 2JU


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