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Restaurant Galoupet, London 7.7.2011

We arrived in London on Thursday evening. Pauliina's brother was also in London and we were going to have dinner with him and with his friend Alex who's living in London. Alex had chosen the restaurant and arranged everything for us. All we had to do was to find our way to a restaurant on time. Unfortenately our flight was delayed and we arrived to the restaurant 45 minutes late.

Galoupet is a new restaurant, bar and whine merchant. It's located at 13 Beauchamp place in Knightsbridge. Beauchamp place is known as a old shopping street with lots of restaurants Beauchamp place

We read about Galopet's philosophy from their web sites. Galoupet is a restaurant which follows the pattern of seasons. Their Food tends to be simple and feels right for the time of year. Galoupet only work with smaller, artisans suppliers, as far as possible organic, who have high standards of animal welfare, enviromental awareness and sustainability. Galoupet

From outside the restaurant didn't look like a restaurant at all. The interior was very modern and well put together. But it wasn't too fancy. They had white tablecloth and flowers on the table. They had used light colors and the restaurant seemed really bright.

We decided to order a lot of different dishes and share them. Our choices of the evening were:

Heritage tomato, shiso, pepper dressing
Melon, Thai basil, cucumber
Corn crusted aubergine, green tomato chutney, goats curd
Mackerel, purple potatoes, pistachio, mint, diamante citron
Chili pork 'Rib eye', cucumber, coriander, lime
Norfolk White free range chicken, miso, peach, ginger
Lamb, chili pickled fennel, pistachio
Raw summer vegetables, tarragon, Miso

Bread was outstanding!

All dishes were very well presented as you can see below. The Stars on the menu were Heritage tomato, Mackerel and Lamb. All the vegetables were really fresh and tasted very good. The food was imaginative and we really enjoyed the use of fresh herbs and different kind of spices. Also the dressing in different dishes were fantastic! The only dish we didn't really enjoy was Corn crusted aubergine, green tomato chutney, goats curd even though the chutney and goats curd were excellent. The aubergine was really dry and tasteless on it's on.


Melon, Thai basil and cucumber
Chili pork 'Rib eye', cucumber, coriander, lime

Heritage tomato, shiso, pepper dressing

Lamb, chili pickled fennel, pistachio

For a drink we shared a bottle of Prosecco. Galoupet's wine list is huge. It always features 36 wines available by the glass. They use Enomatic system of which we haven't heard before .  

For desserts we ordered Pistachio, vanilla & olive oil cake, vanilla ice cream and Ecuadorian chocolate, lavender, blueberries. Both were good. We also tasted Madeleine, nice little cookies. Mirka's favourite was the Ecuadorian chocolate whereas Pauliina enjoyed the Olive oil Cake.

the Cake

Ecuadorian chocolate


Food was great. It was fresh and light and there were lots of different flavours. We liked it! 

The weakness of the restaurant was the service. They have just opened so it might be that it gets better in time. As said we were late but still had to wait for the menus quite a while. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco right away but remind the waiter about it because we had been waiting for guite some time. The good thing was that we got a class of sparkling wine for free (I think everyone got that) but our friends had to ask for it for us.

The other thing was that it was unclear who our waiter was. First there were many different waiters but in the end there was only one. It was relatively hard to understand her english because she wasn't native english speaking.

Value for money
On the night we were there they had a special offer; the food was half off. That was a great deal! We only paid for the 25£ each for everything! But it will be your moneys worth even on normal price.

We really enjoyed our evening and would definately come back again!

Ambience 10-
Food 9 ½
Service 7
Value for money 9+

13 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London

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