maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

Gamle Raadhus, Lauritz Roos Bar, Oslo, Norway

This was the first place we went when we arrived in Oslo. The building is built in 1641. There are two different restaurants in the building. The other one is open in the evenings for dinner and the other one serves lunch and in the evenings it is a bar. It is just recently renovated and is maybe even too modern compered to the surroundings. Lunch is served from 11.30-15.00, after 16.00 you can have drinks there. The best table is by the little fireplace, luckily we got that table.

We were at the restaurant around 13.00 and it was almost empty then. But soon there were lots of Norwegian enjoying lunch. The menu was in Norwegian and this time the dishes were a bit more complicated than in Delicatessen so we had to ask the waiter for recommendations. The waiter recommended the soup of the day (150NOK, about 18€) and we chose it. With the soup we enjoyed a class of house red (80NOK a glass, about 9, 50€).  
The soup came in big white bowl to the table. The soup of the day was artichoke soup with wild mushrooms and crispy bacon. The soup tasted divine! It was thick and tasty. My friend Merja thought it was the best soup she had ever eaten!

At this point we didn’t know about the Norwegian none existing service culture, so we really didn’t appreciate the nice waiter enough. And we didn’t know about the tipping culture either. The waiter was really polite and friendly.
The atmosphere was relax, calm and soothing. The nice big leather armchairs were really comfortable. Gamleraadhus

Review: 8


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