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Cafe Gitane, Nolita, New York 18.3.2011

We were actually heading to Cafe Habana but the line was too long so we decided to find some other place to have lunch. Café Gitane is just around the corner from Café Habana. Café Gitane is Moroccan French café which has been a movie scene at least for Woody Allen’s movie Melinda and Melinda.  

The Café is small and it was packed when we arrived. Fortunately the queue wasn’t too long; it was only 20 minutes wait. This is something you should prepare for in New York, all the popular places which don’t take reservations are full.  

Gitane was extremely noisy. The service was quick but not very attending, anyway everything worked well. For appetizers we shared goat cheese flavored with chili and herbs. It came with pomegranate syrup which had very strong taste and we weren’t sure if we liked it or not but the cheese itself was great!

The menu was relatively board. They have appetizers, different kind of salads, main dishes, warm sandwiches and desserts.

For the main dish we chose Moroccan couscous with lamb sausages. You can order only plain couscous for 11.50$ or add chicken or sausages for 14.50$. The couscous had raisins, peppers, eggplant and roasted pine kernels. On the top there was a good amount of humus. The portion was huge! And it tasted so good. The couscous was really rich in flavors. The mint and coriander were the main spices. The seasoning maid the flavors deep but nothing was overpowering. Really a great dish!

The other main course was organic meatballs in tomato sauce with eggs and cucumber yogurt (13$). The main spices in this dish were turmeric and coriander. This dish was really good too. Really deep and rich flavors! We had couple of beers with the meal (small bottle 6$).

They only accept cash!

You can also order in.

The website is not working now, but here's the address for later use: Cafegitanenyc

Atmosphere 8
Service 8
Food 9½
Price compared to quality 9½

242 Mott St.40.723051-73.994857 at Prince St.

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